Arizona Bike Parks

by Christian on October 21, 2009

If you live in Arizona, these are the Bike Parks in AZ. I’ll be going over the one’s that I’ve been to, and I’ll keep adding them as I visit them.

Bethany X-Court Bike/Skate Park

The glendale x-court (sometimes called the bethany bike/skate park) in Arizona, is a 26,000 sq ft. bike and skate park. They have a very good variety of street, and park stuff. They have slopes, a step up (euro), grind boxes, roller, rails, bowls, hips, table, and some other stuff. This park has mostly bikes in it, not too many skaters. Free to ride.

Hours: 9:00 A.M- 10:00 P.M

Address: 83rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

Chandler Bike Park

The chandler bike park is my favorite in Arizona, it has a spine, bowls, 4 sided table, sub-box, rollers, hips roll-ins, and a lot more. It is 22,000 sq. ft.  and strictly just for bikes, so skateboards, scooters, and blades, are not allowed. That’s one of the reasons it is my favorite park in Arizona. Another reason, is because they have some awesome hips to learn on and some other ones for the better guys with coping. Most of it is transition, you can find a lot of lines really quick. It is also free of charge.

Hours: Summer Hours: 7 a.m. – 10:15 p.m. Winter Hours: 8 a.m. – 10:15 p.m

Address: 450 E. Knox Road. It’s just east of Arizona Avenue on Knox Rd.

Mesa Reed Wheels Court

The Mesa Bike Park is a huge 44,000 sq. ft. bike park that used to be a lake (that explains why it is so big). In my opinion, I did not like this park. It took forever to go across the huge bowl, the drop-ins were like slopes with coping, and there were a lot of little scooter kids getting in the way. Just my opinion, some others are different.

Hours: I’m not sure.

Address: 1601 E. Broadway

I’ll be adding more here soon, I hope this helps some people trying to find Arizona Bike Parks. Give me some of your opinions about these parks I have visited.


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