How to Barspin

by Christian on September 21, 2009

How to Barspin by Ricky:

I’m going to explain the Barspin to you like if you were coming out of a fly-out or slope.

1. Come out of the slope at a medium speed (just enough to give you time to throw and catch)

2. As you come out of lip, hop out and place your weight behind you’re seat while pinching you’re knees together.

3. Once you get to the peak of you’re height throw the bars (throw the bars fast!!! but not to the point that you’re bike goes crazy.)

4. Whatever ever hand you throw you will catch with the opposite hand.

5.  After you catch your first you will catch your next hand,  (when I learned them it was really hard for me to get that next hand on,  just remember to keep you’re     knees pinched.)


This is How to BMX Barspin by Ricky, hope you enjoy and I hope it helps.west point canal 013

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